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Shakespearean Line Challenge

Writing with the Bard

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So I finally get the time to make a community for this, which should make things easier for everyone.

Awhile ago, all these challenges were being started where people would be given lines from a song or a poem or whatever, and write a fic based around those lines. So I took that idea and said, hey, why not do the same for lines from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets? And so the Shakespearean Line Challenge was born.

The Rules:
*If you want to participate, please sign up here. This is just for convenience's sake--all the participants and their lines are already there, and I'll be emailed whenever someone new signs up.
*You may write in any fandom you want.
*Your fic may be any rating you want, though please warn for NC17.
*When you're done, please post the fic here in the community with this header:

Characters/pairings (if applicable):

Place the actual fic itself under a cut. If you don't know the tags, they are [lj-cut text="Whatever you want the cut tag to say"]The fic goes here[/lj-cut], only using <> instead of [].

People who have already finished their fics and posted in their personal journals may do so here as well.

Some people may get the same lines. This is because it's hard to find lines that are applicable to things other than the play/sonnet they came from. If you have the same lines as someone else, don't worry about it. Your fics will all be unique anyway.

The moderator is rynne. Please email me at rynne [at] livejournal [dot] com if you have any questions or concerns.